A Brief History of the American Shopping Mall

You may be spending quite a few hours in one of these things this season. Why not learn a bit about where the idea of an indoor mall came from with this short piece about Victor Gruen and Southdale.

So Gruen’s idea of putting competing mall department stores in either end of the mall would be that it would attract more people, and also as people went back and forth between the two department stores, it would generate more traffic to the smaller stores in between.

He took the stores that used to face out into the parking lot and faced them into an enclosed mall.

Southdale was really and archetype. It was really a model that was then replicated hundreds and hundreds of times everywhere so much so that we just assume that this is just what a mall is. But of course it took somebody like Victor Gruen to imagine it and do it the first time.

(via Laughing Squid)

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Ask Me Anything Highlights

There are some great questions and answers by some very interesting people in Reddit’s Ask Me Anything page. But, If you of you are one of the many people maddened by Reddit’s ugly threaded conversations, you may want to give AMA Highlights a try instead.

Here are a few good ones to start with

UPDATE: Jimmy from Twitter just linked to Interviewly which looks even more robust.

I think there could be an entire industry of reformatting all the great stuff from Reddit to make it more readable and discoverable.

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The History of Graphics in Video Games

A five part look at the history of graphics capabilities of video games. I remember when Star Fox and Pilotwings came out for Super Nintendo and I thought. “That’s it. It won’t get better than this.”

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This Paragraph Should Be At The Beginning Of Every Book

Use strong words to communicate your ideas. There will always be caveats and one-off counter examples. But putting those things in your writing or speaking simply confuses the message.

Getting Real

This is from a book called Getting Real. It totally changed the way I thought about the world.

They cleverly disguised it as a book about software development, but it’s ideas have changed almost every part of my life.

Halfway though reading the book, I had to stop bookmarking pages because I realized I was bookmarking every page.

Also recommended by the author – Rework

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Everything is Not for Everyone

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