Kate on finding what you love

…from my experience, you can’t wait around to find what you love, you gotta work your ass off and then you find what you love by doing piles and piles of work. – Kate Bingaman Burt

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Refresh Chicago Presentation

I will be speaking at Refresh Chicago on Tuesday, November 21st about the unexpected perils of working from home, some of the problems I encountered, the ways I tried to fix most of them, and why I eventually ended up back in a real office space for a few days per week. If your in the Chicago area, just RSVP over at Refresh Chicago. Hope to see you there.


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Gruber on Why We Buy iPhones

Referring to poorly designed windows software…

This seems so antiquated in a world where everybody on the airplane has an iPad… This is why hundreds of thousands of people lined up all around the world this morning to buy a new iPhone. – John Gruber at Çingleton

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Taylor on Speaking Strongly

It is not enough these days to simply question authority. You gotta speak with it to. – Taylor Mali

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Mr Bungle Animatic: None Of Them Knew They Were Robots

Here is a crude animatic I made back in school about an idea I had for an animated Mr Bungle Video. I always had characters in my head during the crazy vocal parts, so I decided to give it a go. It features some of my horrible drawings scanned into an animation lunchbox for the basic moves and transferred onto Mini DV. Then the tape was captured into Final cut pro, cut out and the rest was animated in After Effects.

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