Repeat Stuff Repeat Stuff

In my ongoing research on how to write the perfect pop song comes this article about the repetition of songs. The more you repeat the chorus, the more likely it will become a hit. Of course, Bo Burnham knows this already.

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The Evolution of the Nintendo Controller

Great morphing technique showing off the differences between console controllers including Nintendo, Xbox, and Playstation.

Also see the Evolution of the iPhone

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Draplin On Designing A Logo

It’s one thing to design that logo and have it just floating on this like PDF and you’re just like drunk on white space and negative space… Rarely will you see it that way. The way you’re gonna see it, is on some stupid little Instagram in the corner. – Aaron Draplin

Watch Aaron Draplin design a logo from scratch in 15 minutes. It’s pretty crazy how he can turn simple shapes and brainstorming into a full concept in such a short amount of time. I love how his Illustrator shape palate is full of stuff for him to put his logo on as he designs it.

His passion for what he does shows. Talented and clearly a great teacher.

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Prince In The Morning

This collection has been my go to for my 8AM morning routine.

“When Doves Cry” always wakes me up. Mostly because every time I hear it, i’m amazed that such an fantastic song comes from such minimal instrumentation. There isn’t even a bass part!

If I are really tired, I’ll start with “Let’s Go Crazy”. Gospel intro, screaming guitar solos, and that bonkers outro works for me every time.

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How to Make a Hit App (Volume One)

Have a great idea for an iPhone app? You may want to watch this video first. Also see this post.

If the ability to Execute on your idea is beyond your means, is it really a good idea?

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